I searched for months trying to find a cell phone for my 79 year old mother to use....after buying 4 others and sending them back a friend of mine told me his Dad had a Snapfon ez ONE and loved it. I checked the website and searched for reviews and information about it ( I found an article about it with rave reviews on The NEW YORK TIMES website ...keyword snapfon....look for yourself!
I could not find one bad comment on it so i decided to just give it a try....wow was I pleased! I ordered it online and had it sent to her in New York ironically...it came ready to go right out of the box...no activating it, no charging it up..just worked right away!...I asked her neighbor to set up the SOS button..THE BEST FEATURE FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE by the way and he set up 911, my number and my brothers so that if she had any emergencies, she would have help at the press of a button and she loves the peace of mind it gives her...and customer service folks were the nicest I have ever spoken to (My Thanks to Chesley!) ...all i can say is Great Product, Great People and Great Service!...now that she has a simple cell phone to use everyday she is on it all the time! ....to all the folks at Snapfon...THANK YOU!.... do yourself a favor and check it out!

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