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    i'm in trenton nj .have verizon basic .never ha d problems. i was dealing with a guy from philly pa for 2 years. every time i called he was there . now i get that message.the person you are calling can't accept your calls. i know he has metro pcs and they have no feature to directly block calls. the other reason from what i've found is he didn't pay his bill.is there a way i can find out if he didn't pay his bill so that's the reason i can't get in touch with him ? i don't think he's just brushing me off. his phone number is [edited by moderator] .

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    Re: can't accept your call

    I have removed the phone number you posted for safety reasons.

    You don't really have a way of finding out if the bill wasn't paid unless there is a certain error code that is mentioned when you call. If there is an error code, you can possibly look that up online and see if there is an explanation, such as a customer not paying a bill, for that code. Do you have another way of contacting this person? Maybe you could write them a letter. It should get there in a couple days and that way they can contact you from another phone to let you know they're alright.

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    Re: can't accept your call

    Contact with that person using other techniques.
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