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    So, I went to the flea market in my area today and there is a group of sellers who rented out two spots with 3 or 4 tables loaded with phone cases as well as actual smart phones. They offer to upgrade phones and getting you out of a contract. How are they able to do this? I don't think they are just unlocking phones because people who have paid them are saying that they can't afford their c or monthly payment. The contract and were able to upgrade to a different phone through the sellers as well as getting them out of a contract for $40. For that $40 they are also somehow able to access a network with no contract and no payments. The customer hands the phone to the sellers and they hook it up to a laptop in their van and minutes later they give it back to them. I'm not sure exactly how they are able to do this but it doesn't seem exactly legal. They have apparently been here for months (every week) according to my mother... O.o

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    Re: Guys at a flea market getting people out of contracts and offering upgrades

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    Something is missing from the equation. Unless they have access to every carrier's systems, they simply can't change contract dates. Even if they did have access they would have to have a high level access which allows them to change those dates. Regular CSR's don't have this access. If they reprogram the phone, that doesn't mean that an unpaid account is just wiped. From what you describe it sounds very fishy and may fall under some kind of unauthorized access law.

    The only other thing I can think of is they are actually running some kind of scam and masking it with the promise of getting you out of contracts. If they're plugging in a phone to a laptop out of a van, they can gather all kinds of information, including the ESN/MEID of the phone, and use that information for all kinds of trickery.

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    Re: Guys at a flea market getting people out of contracts and offering upgrades

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