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    My iphone is a verizon phone which has been deactivated since i closed my account. I am selling the phone on craigslist. here is the issue i am facing.

    I gave out my MEID number of the iphone to a potential buyer because he wanted to check to see if he can unlock the phone. I thought it was harmless to do so. But I started to have second thoughts especially when the potential buyer never replied to my email message.

    what malicious/fraudulent things can they do with the number?

    1. I read somewhere that they substitute the number i gave them with the number of a phone that is lost/stolen or blacklisted. What are the consequences of this?
    here is my concern, lets say i sell the phone it to a customer that wants to use the phone on verizon's network. and let's say this crook clones my meid number onto a stolen phone and uses that phone in his verizon account. Is there a possiblity that the person owning the real phone on verizon's network face serious legal charges? also, is there a possiblity that the crook can use his phone with the cloned meid number and have the phone charges appear on the other verizon customer's account bill? i mean let's say the crook sets up a verizon account and registers his stolen phone which has my meid number on it. will any charges associated with that stolen phone be applied to verizon's phone bill assoicated with the legit verizon customer that has the real phone? also, can this happen even if the crook sets up an account with another wireless carrier other than verizon?

    I indicated that this is a verizon iphone. can they call verizon and have the phone blacklisted so that i cant use it on their network? also, is it possible for them to have it blacklisted so that i cant use phone on any cell phone carrier's network?

    can they use the meid number to track the my phone?

    thanks for your replies.

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    Re: accidently gave out MEID number of a phone. should i be concerned?

    Anyone can call Verizon and report a phone stolen but you can have that lifted easily. You would just have to call them to have this lifted. Most buyers will ask for the MEID to make sure they will able to use the phone.
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