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    Can you please help me - I need guidance on how to set up an iPhone 3GS for use with TMobile Sim. I have a TMobile phone with a Gold Rewards membership that I can renew every year simply by adding $10.00 for the 'rollover' privilege - its for a "calls + text" only - NO data PLAN etc.

    I have a friend who sits in the park (out of Wi-Fi range) and he told me that he uses the same kind of T-Mobile Sim-Card in his 3GS which enables him to browse the web at no cost. He said the best set-up is with an Apple iPhone 3GS - unlocked.

    I want to do the same thing........

    There is a small problem with him though - he is incommunicable and I can't get all of the proper information on how he accomplished it.

    Did he have to do anything special? I know the iPhone needs to be "UnLocked" but I am not sure about "JailBreaking" as part of his strategy.

    Any help on this? Thank you.........Philip

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