Hello, I am computer and cell phone illiterate.
I know I don't want a phone that requires me to pay for a data plan. I know I will be adding it to my Verizon account, which doesn't run out until 11/2013
I do a lot of texting for my work and can no longer see my keyboard on my LG ul-270
I don't need a camera etc. Just need to make calls and mainly, easily see to send text messages.
With my limited abilities to use the internet, so far, I have found [ I think? } 2 possibilities. The Verizon LG Voyager or the Verizon enV.
I don't mind finding an older model phone on Ebay or Craigslist-it doesn't have to be new.
What can you suggest to me?
I really need this right away, so I surely will appreciate your help!
Thank You,
Chuck Bergman

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