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    Hello, I am looking into buying a new cell phone/plan and would love some suggestions on what a good phone to consider would be. I'm thinking of going with verizon or sprint because they have good reception in my area but would consider any carrier besides Tmobile (had them for a while, terrible reception here). Here are my guidelines:
    MUST have a music player, preferably one that you can search through the library by entering text rather than just scroll through.
    MUST have a standard 3.5mm (sometimes labeled 1/8") headphone jack.
    MUST have some type of storage expansion, preferably micro SDHC 16GB or larger (because I already have one).
    MUST be reliable and work well.
    PREFER a physical keyboard but would also consider a touchscreen if it has good reviews (had a samsung memoir with a touchscreen and hated it but I've heard people say that it has a crappy one).
    PREFER something that is free or cheap with a new plan but would pay more if it fits all of my criteria.
    MUST NOT require a data plan.
    PREFER NOT to get a samsung phone, had repeated bad luck with them but would consider if it has excellent reviews.
    Well there it is. Thank you in advance and I would especially appreciate any feedback on a phone that fits these criteria ***that you've actually owned***

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    Re: Help picking a cell phone

    You had problems with Samsung phones? This has never happened to me.
    Back on topic, in my opinion you should look for a Smartphone. They have basically everything you mentioned, you just need to figure out which model fits you best.

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    Re: Help picking a cell phone

    Yes, my memoir irritated me because the touch screen seemed not very well made and the processor seemed a bit underpowered for the vairety of stuff the phone was supposed to be able to do (lots of loading/thinking time, etc). My Intensity 2 has issues with freezing, spontaneously resetting itself, pocket dialing despite being 'locked'. Also, it claims to support up to a 32G microSDHC card but with about 6G of music and other stuff on it it already runs noticeably slower when loading songs/pictures, etc so I can't imagine what would happen if I actually had 32G worth of stuff on it. This is also my third one, returned the first two because of issues with freezing and the third is about the same so I have given up. I have heard that Samsung's higher end phones are better but not sure I want to give them my money after this.
    As far as getting a smart phone, is there a way to use one without buying a data plan? Also I don't really want to pay for one when all of the functions I want are supposedly included in many basic phones (I say 'supposedly' because my luck so far has been that they don't work well). IMHO it shouldn't be unreasonable to expect a phone do everything it advertises and do it well without shelling out hundred of dollars for a droid or something.
    Sorry for the rant :P thanks for the response, any other suggestions?

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    Re: Help picking a cell phone

    What are you looking to pay for your cell phone service? How many minutes and text messages do you need per month?

    You can send an email to [email protected] with that information and we will provide you with some options that fit your needs.

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