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    HTC launched its new model ‘the HTC One X’ in the market and created quite a ripple among customers, both old and young. The new model by HTC puts all emphasis on pictures, connectivity and music, maing it a high end camera phone. the HTC One X weighs about 130 g. The phone is quite lights when compared to Smsung Galaxy S3 and possesss a simple design. It also comprises of touch sensitive keys on the front and runs on ANDROID 4.04 and Sense 4.1. The phone is every user’s delight, since , there are all the required features Inuktitut in the phone. All these features have become a necessity and HTC One X offers ebeything in one package.

    The HTC One X is quite big and offers users a UNIBODY design. The phone is smooth to touch just like the other models of HTC. Howver, it is not as thin and slim as the HTC One S that is advertised as the thinnest phone in the market. Customers that are more interested in features like LCD displays and screens, have much to expect from the HTC One X, since, the phone comes equipped with a large screen measuring about 4.7 inches and this is what makes the HTC One X stunning and attractive, say many experts. The phone uses the Super IPS LCD 2 technology which makes the world of movies and games really lively. You can hope to be left mesmerism with his super technology and enjoy all the greatest classics comfortably.

    The HTC One X runs on quad core CPU namely, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 and boasts of one of the largest screens among other models of the same company. For uses that are planning to buy this model on contract, they can expect to pay a reasonable sum of $30 on a monthly basis. ‘This model is one of the most reasonable devices to be bought’, say some experts. The HTC One X is one of the most powerful phiens to have betred the scenario with a bang. It has also taken the HTC to another level.

    According to some customers that have purchased the HTC One X, the model has given them excellent performance. While, for some, texting has been made easy, there are others that have found it to be reliable and workab;e. The HTC One X can last for a long time once the battery is charged fully. The model is economical and is quite user friendly. Many have rated the model high and do not mind recommending it to their fridds and family. What are you waiting for? Come grab one today! and when you have it make sure it is unlocked with safe unlocking codes from here


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    Re: Is the HTC One X the best for you?

    Thanks for the short review, HTCs are really good phones indeed. I'm not planning on changing my phone just yet but if I had to I would definitely go with an HTC One X.

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