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    I am new to this forum and just upgraded from a sanyo 2700 to a LG optimus, I got a great deal on the LG, and my carrier, I wireless, has a new mobile hotspot option where I pay an extra $10 and the LG enables me to get WIFI on my laptop computer just by having the phone nearby. I currently pay about $50 a month for cricket mobile broandband and just wondering if this mobile wifi thing is any good, or if its as fast as what I have now, which is pretty fast. I dont want to set this all up and then have slow ass internet on my laptop!

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    Re: Mobile broadband internet?

    They are both mobile broadband so assuming that the carriers both have good service in your area, then the speed probably would not be much different. I am not sure what speed you are getting with your Cricket though or if the I-wireless would be 4G or not.

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    Re: Mobile broadband internet?

    It would probably make more sense to cancel the Cricket plan you have and use the tethering option on your phone for $10 per month, as long as you don't need Internet when your phone is in another room, and don't need Internet when talking on the phone. Depending on the network, you won't be able to talk on the phone and go on the Internet at the same time. Cricket Wireless has about a 1.4 Mbps maximum speed on 3G. If you're using the i wireless that is on a GSM network that has HSPA+ you will experience faster speeds with i wireless than with Cricket.

    If you need an Internet connection all of the time it might be best to keep Cricket or get another device that can be connected to the computer at all times even if your phone is not nearby or if you are talking on the phone.

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