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    So I am in the market for a new phone; however I am not sure what direction to go in. I will provide what I am looking for in the phone .

    Speed, am using a moto dext slider and it sucks, its soo slow, around 1 min to send a text and 2 or 3 to view emails lol.
    music player capabilities
    good camera for both video and stills
    stable net browser
    voice command
    calendar features with the ability to book meetings ect using voice commands
    able to run apps or widgets depending on OS with speed, and high image quality
    the ability to sync photo's, calendar ect to pc with ease

    I think that is about it. I have been told I should go with either the galaxy s3 or i5, but I have not been able to play around with either atm so I hope someone ca give me some advice


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    Re: need help picking a new cell phone.

    The deciding factor would probably be if you prefer Android or the iPhone operating system.

    Personally, I prefer Android, so I would go with the Samsung Galaxy S3. You can watch views on both phones online to see which one you prefer.

    Please let us know which phone you choose.

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