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    Hi , does anyone know how you format a memory card in the i9+++.....I put a brand new 2gb card in my phone and it just says 'storage not ready'.....but i put one in that has been used before ( same size and make ) and it works fine....i've read that its best to make sure the phone has formatted the card so it will work properly.....so HOW ???....( the i9+++ menus seem to be very vague. )...Cheers

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    Re: PsiPhone i9+++ Memory card Formatting

    Here is the manual for your phone:

    First power off and remove the battery, push the T-Flash card slot upward and slightly pull
    it outward and insert your TF card into the slot with the nicked corner on the right and the
    metal contact points facing inward, and then cover the slot.
    Note: TF card requires anti-static operation; do not place your TF card in your pocket, do
    not touch the metal contact points and keep it out
    T-flash AKA Micro SD
    My guess it formatts the card automatically.
    To test this, take a pic with the phones camera and save it and or move it to the card. You can also try to email or mms a pic to your phone and try to save it to the card.
    Once you have saved to card, consider it formatted.
    Also, ensure the lock is not engaged on the card;
    See this post here:
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