Hi all
My contract with operator is getting close to the renewal date, so ask for advice in choosing the phone based on your experience.

Huawei looks nicer in my opinion than the angular LG, but as I'm not a woman, this parameter is the least important, what matters is performance!

For G300 is in favor by a higher resolution screen and a faster processor. As faults occur frequently arguments such as: poor camera, medium responsive touch, system "jerks" after update to ICS. Which ones are true and which are myths?

My next question is: is the camera in LG in fact better than in the Chinese phone, and is the phone smoother, despite a weaker processor when running ICS? If both answers are yes, how is the screen quality in LG, is it really so hideous in comparison with other four inch phones?
The operator also offers me Xperia tipo, at this price, but somehow nothing stands out above the other two.

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