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    This is a phone for a 10 year old.
    Androids and such have their uses, but I'd really rather not have one in this case.
    Battery life is poor, they are expensive to replace, and for panic-mode emergency dialing they're too clumsy.

    So if I could get an informed recommendation, I would be very, very grateful.

    • Must be useable with a prepaid service, service area in northeast Ohio
    • Must have a standard dialpad (flip phone/clamshell, slide-down, bar, etc)
    • Must have GPS
    • Must be able to run a GPS tracking program (don't care about navigation) like Google Latitude, Accutracking, Mologogo, etc.
    • No full-face touch screens

    • Under $50
    • Slide-out keyboard
    • Camera

    The Samsung Entro and Samsung M575 from Virgin look good, but I'm not sure if they'll run a GPS location app (or if there's one available).
    The Samsung Array & Samsung Factor from Boost also look good, but apparently Boost blocks 3rd-party access to the GPS in their CDMA non-smartphones. I know Sprint also sells the Array (for $$$). Not sure if the Sprint firmware could be flashed over the Boost firmware to make the GPS available (or if the Sprint firmware is even available).
    I'm willing to pay a few bucks a month for the GPS locator software if necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

    See More: Need Recommendation - Specific Criteria - GPS, No touch screens, prepaid
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    Re: Need Recommendation - Specific Criteria - GPS, No touch screens, prepaid

    I see you posted this a couple months ago. Did you end up finding something?

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