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    so i recently went to a chinese phone carrier service that sells regular phones.

    one of the deals that i know they have been implementing for a long time , to get cheaper phone plan or cheaper phone they will send you a different phone, such as the iphone that you have to bring back once its delivered to your house.

    can someone share some light on this whole deal?
    how illegal it is etc?

    at current, i was engaged with this, but a problem had arrived. i never received th phones. now the chinese place is threatening me that they will send cops to my house to search for the phones, is that possible?

    they also said they see it at my house on gps, but the phones are not there..

    they also had me do an initial deposit for the phones.

    any help would be awesome. thank you

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    Re: help! new phone scam?

    I'm not following what you mean. Let me get this straight...

    So you put down a deposit
    they say they'll send a phone in exchange for a cheap phone plan but you have to send it back
    you never get the phone
    they threaten you but already have your money?

    Did they ever send you a tracking number? How was the transaction done?

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