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    currently i have a blackberry curve 8520 I'm tired of qwerty keypads and i want a camera with flash some internal memory and a responsive touch screen i also like to have a micro sd slot as i don't want to have to connect it to my pc all the time, but it really dosen't have to though i just like removeable media. I have used a T-Mobile wing and a unlocked storm both for 6 months. wing sucked gave it to my brother, storm was better but the floating screen click was the worst part of it and ruined it for me so i traded for the curve brand new from a friend and been happy for 2+ years now. Time for an upgrade but a new phone is out of the question price wise. I have no experience with an iphone or android phone atm but I am being open minded i am willing to pay $130 to $150 after christmas and might go up another $100 after January if i wait but rather spend $100 if possible. so far the Motorola Atrix 4G looks good feature wise, but I am unsure there's also unlocked iphone 3g/3gs 8-16gb depending on condition going for $100 and a little over used atm. If anyone has any phone recommendations that would be great thanks.

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    Re: looking for an upgrade need recommendations

    Do you want an Android phone? Have you used it or handled the Atrix before?

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    Re: looking for an upgrade need recommendations

    Try HTC wildfire S.....

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    Re: looking for an upgrade need recommendations

    If you want to go the Android route the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very popular phone. It has been on sale and if you look you will probably be able to find it for a good price.

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