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    My hubby and I both have basic flip phones with prepaid Verizon service. He's fine with his, but lately I've been thinking about upgrading. Are there any affordable smart phones out there? By affordable, I mean maybe a couple hundred up front to purchase and less than $50/month for service.

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    Re: Affordable Smart Phone?

    Well there are alot of factors to this. Are you elgible for an upgrade? If you are it will be fairly easy to find a phone! The other would be what your willing to get. You can get an Android device, An iPhone or the Windows smart phone. I would recomend going to a local store, if its feasable, and playing with the different phones. You may find you like the way one feels versus the other.

    As far as the plan is concerned, I am not familiar with Verizon plans, but you can always talk with someone at the store as well. I would recomend going to a Verizon Corporate store, not a Kiosk at a mall or someone who sells mulitple cell phone carriers.

    Take a look on their website also, click on Smart Phones and see if you find something you like also. They may have a trial period, so you can check it out for a few days, and go back if you dont like it.
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    Re: Affordable Smart Phone?

    I would highly recommend an iPhone. A basic one shouldn't be more than $200 through Verizon, and if you don't need much data, it shouldn't be too expensive, either.

    Data is really where they get you. I think you might be looking at around $30 for a basic data plan, but you shouldn't need more than that unless you are streaming a lot.

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