I am starting this thread because I am frustrated with the changes in the mobile phone industry. It is almost impossible to find a cell phone that is manufactured for the sole purpose of making and receiving phone calls.

I use a phone to make and receive phone calls. Nothing more. I don't need a lame excuse for a camera. Even the newest phones do not compare to the resolution, versatility and quality that can be obtained with a digital SLR camera.

Further, I don't need to surf the internet with a phone, I have a desktop computer at home and a laptop when I am away from home. And the screen size is so many times larger that viewing the web doesn't require a magnifying glass.

Additionally, I have observed that the quality of the calls on these so called smart phones is terrible. Understanding what someone is saying while they are talking through one of those things is often near impossible.

Look around today and notice that you can go almost anywhere and see the Zombies, totally consumed by these things. Walking along the street, focused intently, head down, holding these things, thumbs furiously manipulating the keys, completely oblivious to the world around them.

I see them in their cars and trucks, speeding up and slowing down, wandering far beyond their lane, distracted by some text message when they should be concentrating on driving. These numbskulls are a hazard to everyone on the road. Government has had to enact laws prohibiting their use while operating motor vehicles because the masses are too stupid to use their feeble brains and exercise the proper discretion to not use these things while driving.

People are actually getting injured and killed because dimwits think it is OK to drive and text.

What is so important about a text message that it takes precedence over the safe operation of a motor vehicle, and the safety of others on the road?

So how is it that almost overnight, the business of mobile communications has evolved into this monster that has turned the majority of people into zombie like morons who apparently do not care about anything but these pocket sized devices that don't really do anything well, especially send and receive phone calls?

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