I'm not sure if this is a good forum to ask about Tracfones in. You seem to discuss a lot of the nicer cell phones. Is it okay to ask about Tracfones here? If not, I really apologize. I'll just ask my question and if this is the wrong site for that, just let me know and I'll buzz off. *giggle*

I've got a little money for now so I'm looking to upgrade. I could probably afford something up to $60-ish. Definitely can't afford anything over $80 so that would be my absolute max but would prefer to keep it to $60 or less. Yes, it really does have to be a tracfone because I'm using the SafeLink program.

What would you guys say is the best Tracfone these days? I know Tracfone doesn't have an android phone but they do have a couple of touch screen phones.. the LG 800g and LG 840g. What do you guys think of those two phones? And are there other, better, choices?

I mostly use my phone to make calls, text a little, and use the alarm. Wifi stuff would be nice, but not necessary. I hate texting with the number pad but haven't really looked at phones with the qwerty keyboard because I have fat fingers and I'm worried I'd have a hard time hitting those tiny buttons.

Anyway, any help would be so appreciated. =)

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