Adding and Removing Widgets

1. Go to the desired home screen and tap the Apps icon located at the bottom of the screen.
2. Then tap WIDGETS located at the top of the screen.
3. Tap and hold the widget that you’d like to add to the home screen. In case the widget has different settings or different versions, select the option that you’d like to use.
4. The widget will be applied to the home screen.
5. If you want to move it, tap and hold it until it glows blue -> drag it to the desired location on the home screen and release the finger. The widget will automatically snap into place.
6. If you want to remove a widget, tap it and then drag it to the Remove icon located at the top of the screen. When the widget turns red, release your finger.

Adding a New Folder

1. Go to the desired home screen location.
2. Then tap and hold on an app or widget and then drag it over another app or widget that you’d like to include in a folder.
3. Release your finger and the folder will be created.

Changing the Wallpaper

1. Go to the home screen and tap the Menu key.
2. Then select Wallpaper -> scroll to the wallpaper that you’d like to use and select Set wallpaper.
3. Your wallpaper will then be changed.

Changing the Backlight Settings

1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Menu key.
2. Then tap System settings -> Display -> Brightness -> tap Automatic brightness if you wish to enable this setting.
3. If you don’t want to have the Automatic brightness checked, you can tap and drag the slider to adjust the brightness level.
4. When finished with adjusting the brightness level, tap OK.
5. Then tap Sleep -> select the desired timeout setting, such as 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.

Setting up and Using Swype

1. Go to the home screen and tap the Menu key.
2. Tap System settings -> select Language & input - > Default -> tap Swype -> tap the Swype settings icon to configure Swype -> then tap Preferences -> make the desired settings, you can enable or disable Auto-capitalization, Auto-spacing, Auto-corection, etc.
3. When finished, tap the Home key.
4. If you want to learn more about Swype, tap on a text field (this will open an onscreen keyboard) and then tap the Swype icon, which will show you more information about it.

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