By performing a master reset (also known as a hard or factory reset), all you data saved on the phone will be deleted, 3rd party applications included. Thus you should perform a master reset only when thereís no other way to fix a certain issue youíre having with your Sprint Force and itís strongly recommended that you back-up your most important data before you perform the master reset. Use a Google account to sync your contacts, for example, and transfer other important data to your microSD card.

Performing a Master Reset

1. Go to the home screen and tap the Menu key.
2. Then select System settings -> scroll to and touch Backup & reset.
3. You can first tap Back up my data, in case you havenít already.
4. Then tap Factory data reset.
5. Read the warning and if you agree with it, tap Reset phone.
6. If you want to delete the files saved on the microSD card, tap Erase SD card. Remember that once you delete the files from your phone, youíll not be able to recover them.
7. Read the second warning and touch Erase everything.
8. Your Sprint Force will restart and reset.

Performing a Master Reset via Hardware

If your Sprint Force is so unresponsive that you are not able to perform a master reset via software, you can still reset it using its buttons. Keep in mind that the outcome will be the same and as a result your files will be deleted.

1. If you canít even turn your smartphone off using its power off key, then remove its battery and then reinsert it.
2. With the device turned off, press and hold the Volume Down button.
3. Then, while still holding the Volume Down button pressed down, press and hold the Power button. Keep both keys pressed until you see the Android system recovery screen, then release your fingers.
4. Using the Volume Down key, scroll and select wipe data/factory reset.
5. While the wipe data/factory reset option is highlighted, press the Power key.
6. Then use the Volume Down key to scroll to Yes Ėdelete all user data and then press the Power button.
7. When the wipe is complete, scroll to reboot system now and press the Power key to select that setting.
8. Your Sprint Force will then restart and will be ready to use once again.

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