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    Set Up Microsoft ActiveSync Email

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap Email.
    2. In case the shortcut has been removed from the home screen, touch All Apps and select Email.
    3. Tap the Email address field and enter the desired email address.
    4. Tap the Password field and enter your password.
    5. Tap Next.
    6. Then tap Exchange.
    7. Take a look at the Domain/user name, Password and Exchange server and make sure they are introduced correctly.
    8. Then you can tap to check or uncheck SSL settings, as it is required by your email provider and tap Next.
    9. In case youíre not sure about the exchange server settings, call your email provider or administrator to retrieve the correct information.
    10. When the Activation notification is prompted, tap Yes.
    11. Make the desired Account settings and when youíre done tap Next.
    12. Give a name to your account and tap Next.
    13. The account should then be set up.

    Remove an Email Account

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap Email.
    2. Select the account you want to delete and then tap the Menu key.
    3. Touch Account settings -> select the account you wish to delete and choose Remove account.
    4. Then tap OK.

    Viewing the Email Settings

    1. Go to the home screen and tap Email.
    2. Or if the shortcut is no longer there, tap All apps -> Email.
    3. Tap the Menu key -> touch Account settings -> select the desired account -> then touch Incoming settings.
    4. You can now take a look at the incoming settings. If you want to view the outgoing ones, tap Done -> Outgoing settings.
    5. To exit the settings tap Done.

    Setting Up Google Synchronization

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> Accounts & sync -> tap ADD ACCOUNT -> select Google.
    3. If you already have a Google account, tap Existing or tap New to sign up for a new account, and follow the on-screen prompts.
    4. Enter the Email address and Password in the designated fields and tap Sign in.
    5. You can also enter your credit card information in Google Wallet by tapping Set up credit card. If you donít want to do this now, then tap Not now.
    6. Read the Backup and restore message -> tap Next when ready.
    7. Your Google account has been added.
    8. To set up syncing settings, tap the desired Google account and check or uncheck DATA & SYNCHRONIZATION.
    9. When youíre done editing the syncing options, tap the Back key.

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