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    Ok, so I purchased the Easy Spy and have now emailed them at least 8 times with issues. First of all, their advertisment says 24/7 live support...not so much. Yeah, the number is good but if just directs you to email them for support. There is no clear direction on how to download the software on the computer for remote access. Then, I had to purchase a bluetooth adapter to give me a better chance at picking up the Ipone (target) which was in the same house as me by the way. So... it FINALLY connected BUT there is no direction on how to have the info sent to your email as the advertisement states, no instruction on how to do the video, background scan, ANYTHING... it just shows a connection and nothing else. No texts, no email, no nothing~~ So frustrated with this back and forth and now they keep directing me to general troubleshooting which doesn't tell me anything about my situation. So I'm wondering, once the bluetooth scanner is up and running... how do I retreive the information. By the way, as soon as the phone is out the door... it's out of range... I see a refund in my near future!

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    Re: Easy Spy Problems

    Thanks for the feedback. Post if you get this figured out - I did a quick search and couldn't find much.

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    Re: Easy Spy Problems

    I am having exactly the same problem with the Easy Spy Bluetooth scanner. I am unable to get any information from the target phone which is actually my own phone to experiment on. I think the answer must lie in the configuration tab....but how to configure it is difficult unless you are a computer expert. Has anyone had any success with it? I agree the online help from the Easy Spy site help is total rubbish!

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    Re: Easy Spy Problems

    Oh, thank you for this! I almost purchased their service, but after reading your review, I began thinking twice. Can you recommend other services that are better than Easy Spy?

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    Re: Easy Spy Problems

    Update on the Bluetooth scanner from Easyspy.....
    I purchased their product a few weeks ago but was only interested in the Bluetooth scanner part of the download. The other part was some software that needs to be physically put into the target phone whereas the Bluetooth scanner is claimed to be able to retrieve information from the target phone without having access. It doesn't work, it really doesn't. Don't be fooled like me. It will find the target phone but it will not give you any information going to and from that phone.
    I asked for a refund...I have to say I asked several times. I almost gave up thinking that I'll put it down to experience but surprisingly they did refund me after a few days of constantly asking for it.
    I don't know about the other part of the download...the bit you have to physically put into the target phone as I haven't tried to use it. That probably does work because it involves putting a sort of code in to tell that phone to send information to you. Interestingly, although I have a refund, I still have it and it's probably still useable !
    I will also add that their help is not very forthcoming. You do need to be technically minded as it's not easy.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking about purchasing Easyspy.

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