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    Is your smartphone experiencing a low-batter life? Then disabling some of its feature should help you get through the day more easily. This tutorial will teach you how to disable some of the most battery-life consuming features of your device.

    Reducing the Backlight Brightness and Backlight Timeout

    1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
    2. Then select System settings -> tap Display -> select Brightness -> you can now touch to check or uncheck Automatic brightness. In case you decided to uncheck Automatic brightness, then drag the slider to the lowest most comfortable level.
    3. When done, tap OK.
    4. Then touch Sleep -> select the lowest most comfortable timeout setting available. For example, 30 seconds, or 15 seconds.
    5. When you’ve done making the necessary changes, tap the Home key.

    Changing to a Static Wallpaper

    The battery life is significantly decreased when you’re using a live wallpaper, so it’s recommended that you keep a regular wallpaper instead.

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Menu key.
    2. Then select Wallpaper -> select the desired Wallpaper option, except Live Wallpapers.
    3. Select the wallpaper that you’d like to use and tap Set wallpaper.

    Disabling Wi-Fi, Sprint Hotspot and Bluetooth

    The Wi-Fi, Sprint Hotspot and Bluetooth should be disabled whenever you’re not actively using these settings. However, keep your Wi-Fi turned on whenever there’s a nearby active Wi-Fi network that you can use, as in this situation, the battery will be improved. Smartphones usually need more battery-life when on the carrier’s network.

    1. From the Home screen tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> then tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sliders to OFF, if you’re not currently using one of these settings.
    3. If the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot setting is active, tap More -> select Tethering & portable hotspot -> uncheck Portable Wi-Fi hotspot if the feature is enabled.

    Disabling GPS

    Leaving GPS turned on at all times will drain the battery life faster, so it’s best to turn it off when you’re not using it.

    1. From the Home screen tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> Location services -> and uncheck Use GPS satellites.
    3. When finished, tap the Back key.

    Stopping Unused Running Apps

    Sometimes there are some apps that are some unused apps running in the background. This will, of course, drain your batter life so it’s best to stop them.

    1. From the Home screen tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> touch Apps -> tap the RUNNING tab -> select the app or service that you’d like to stop -> then tap Stop and OK to confirm your choice.
    3. Tap the Back key when done.
    Note: Some apps don’t have the Stop option, this means that that certain app or service cannot be stopped.

    Turning off Vibrate Notifications

    If you really want to do everything possible to conserve the battery life, turning the vibrate notifications off is another options.

    1. From the Home screen tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> tap Sound -> then tap to uncheck Vibrate and ring.

    Downloading and Syncing Information Less Often

    1. From the Home screen tap the Menu icon.
    2. Select System settings -> tap Accounts & sync.
    3. Select the desired account. Or, to disable all account syncing you can switch the Accounts & sync slider to OFF.
    4. Then make the desired syncing settings.
    5. When finished, tap the Home key.

    Charging the Battery

    If you charge your battery on a regular basis, its life will be maximized. You can also download some life-saving battery apps that you help you conserve the batter of your phone.

    See More: Sprint Force: Improve the Battery Life

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    Re: Conserve the Battery Life of Your Sprint Force

    Nice post. One thing to add about extending your phone's ultimate battery life is to NOT leave the phone on its charger after it it is charged and DON'T let it run all the way down. The lithium ion batteries in cell phones do not 'like' to have either done. All batteries have a finite number of charge cycles, but lion batteries are rather variable in that regard. By allowing the phone to charge the battery to 100-110% rated capacity and running it down to 0% charge provides for greatest talk time. Most phone mfgrs do this, as it provides for longest talk time - which is what consumers look for. The trade off is a greatly reduced battery life (which they don't talk about).

    For lion batteries, the number of charge cycles are maxed if only charged to 80% and never let run down lower than 20%. The battery will last for several thousand charge cycles. For most people, this is not very practical. A fairly good way to achieve similar results is to frequently top off the battery. If it is run down to showing only one bar left, then put it on the charger and top it off. Taking it off the charger if all of the charge bars are showing but it is not flashing (or whatever your phone does to indicate to be fully charged) additionally helps.

    The electronics that controls a phone's charger are not terribly bright. Some only have overcharge protection, allowing the battery to achieve 110% charge (but no more to prevent the battery from blowing up). This is the WORST for the battery. Really shortens it life (but you will get the maximum run time - something people like). Going from 100% charge to 10% charge will provide for somewhere around 600 cycles. At 110% you are down to about 400 cycles.

    As an aside, you will see the same issue with laptops and tablets (and for the same reason - people like the longest run time & that will factor into their decision to purchase). Partly why you will see a laptop battery go belly up within a year to two if it is constantly on a charger when not on move. On them, most will go to 100 or 110%, stop charging and then let the battery run down to, say, 98% charge and then automatically tops it off. That just used up a cycle!
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    Re: Conserve the Battery Life of Your Sprint Force

    Thanks for the tip, leeboy!

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