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    What is the safest way to unlock your phones? Is it the cable or software that is used by thousands of websites, or is it the free unlock phone code that is offered at Well, there is no doubt that the most trusted and safest method to unlock your devices is the use of free unlock phone codes that are being offered at FreeUnlocks.

    The website has been showered with many accolades over the years and has already unlocked more than 30000 phones till date, using the unique and free unlock phone codes. We offer 100% reliable and workable unlock phone codes that do not hamper the way your phone works, neither do we make any false claims or promises. We are a genuine site that has taken the initiative to bring a revolutionary change in the unlocking industry that used to be dominated by many big honchos or companies that had just one agenda on mind: to extract heavy sums of money from customers. But, at , you can relax and take a chill pill since we specialize in offering remote unlocking which is considered the safest way to unlock phones.

    Once you have placed an order for your respective free unlock phone code, be rest assured that our support team would send you the unlock code that has been generated for your particular IMEI number. We would take all actions to see that our clients derive their free unlock codes easily. There is seldom any complaint from a customer regarding delays in emailing the ordered free cellular unlock phone codes. We have served clients that own various models like Huawei, Motorola, Pantech, Samsung, Alcatel and many more using the fast and permanent free unlock phone codes.

    Clients need to contact for availing the free unlock phone codes for such phones that are not supported by the website. We will take care of all your problems and will deliver your codes at the earliest. We, at are a capable website and offers great deals too. You simply have to name your phone’s brand. We can unlock any and every type!

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