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    Once upon a time I was a palmpilot user. Palmpilots and all their derivations, phone and otherwise, are long dead. Palms did have one feature that I have never seen in another phone no matter how hard I have looked.

    Customizable alarm tones BY EVENT. Not type of notification, but individual to each instance or set of instances should you choose.

    much like any phone where you can set a ringtone to a particular number, it would let you set an alarm to a given event. Have to take critical medication at a particular time? Have a particular alarm for it. Some TV show you only kind of want to watch is going to be on in 15min? Different ring tone. For people who really rely on their PIMs it's even more useful than ringtones.

    The closest I was ever able to find, is using a google calendar feature on the iPhone, that would make google calander ring your phone from a particular number. A heinous cludge. Slow, unreliable, and generally ugly in every way, but still the best available.

    I realize this is more of an app thing than a phone thing, but for me it's the killer app. Any decent PIM that will do this, Ideally without a monthly fee. The platform that has an app that does this, embedded r third party, is the platform I will go with, even if it's blackberry or windows, and has basically no other software worth using.

    I've curently got an android phone, and have been unable to find anything. I used to have an iPhone, and couldn't find one for that at the time, though that may have changed. I vaguely recall that the Old Nokia native PIM did, (a leftover from psion,, the best handheld ever IMHO) but they're all windows now so I have no idea.

    RE: the monthly fee thing.
    I'm willing to buy software for real money, and I'm willing to pay continuing ees for actual services performed by something other than a single server in someone;s basement, but renting something you can't do without is strictly for idiots or people who have no choice. It's like renting a pacemaker. Do you stop using it if they raise the rates? Yes, I am currently without choices here, but monthly or anual fees for something that runs on my hardware and generally doesn';t need much in the way of updating is an absolute last resort. You want t charge a hundred and twenty bucks for a phone app, do it, but the 10 bucks a month fee is the same damn thing except you keep paying. I would rather drop 400$ on a different platform phone than put up with that kind of usuary.

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    Re: Phone that will allow different tones per calendar event

    I believe this app can do different notification sounds per calendar but not by event in an individual calendar: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...reminder&hl=en

    This one also has a lot of customization features, but I'm not sure about the settings of different tones - it may also be by calendar: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...tgenius.bizcal

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    Re: Phone that will allow different tones per calendar event

    I have never come across an app that does this, but that sounds pretty cool. I would probably use my calendar more often if you could do that sort of thing with it. Tavenger, thanks for sharing those 2 apps, I am going to go check them out.

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