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    Most of the Android Users Likes to play games on their phone, because one strong reason was Android id Fully compatible for playing games, usually all the models in Android mostly touchscreen, so people love to play games. We Have Already Posted 2 great post about Android 3D Race Games and Free Android Games of all Time. Now we back with 5 great and interesting games for Android Lovers, Let check and Try…
    BladeCX Free RC Simulator
    BladeCX Free RC Simulator is quite realistic RC Helicopter Simulator. Learn to fly a real electric RC helicopter – Blade CX. This is an entry level helicopter that will teach you the basics of the RC helicopter controls. The flying fields include interactive objects to help you learn faster. Do you like RC Helicopter model? Have you seen someone fly them in the sky? Would you like one too? Oh, you need lots of practice before you could fly a real one. Because it’s so easy to crash if you are not fully practice. But now, if you install this free android game, then you could fly without any practice! This simulator is quite real, and from the controls to the graphics, the developers tried best to make feel you are really flying a RC Helicopter!

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    Re: 5 New Free Games for Android November 2011

    Why November 2011?
    Intellectsoft. We build software. Intelligently.

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    Re: 5 New Free Games for Android November 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Katerina View Post
    Why November 2011?


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