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Size:  311.2 KBPewter RAZR V3- "Unable to Charge" even with a new $4 battery.

    Silver LG L1400-A couple of years ago, a friend gave me his phone. A year ago the screen would no longer light up. I used it for a month and now the Voice Mail icon will not disappear.

    Motorla W450-Would only come on intermittently and now will only light up (flash) while being charged. Cannot turn it on.

    Black RAZR2-Invaled battery even with a new $4 battery. I was able to purchase an external charger from Radio Shack and charge the battery with it.

    09 Sidekick-Just purchased from Ebay. The screen shows it searching for a network with all bars. Called t-mobile and was told it was built by Danger who went out of business back in 2010 and the server is no longer available. Went into the local t-mobile and was told that the phones continued to function until they were reset to factory settings which renders them inoperable. They mentioned that a used/repair cell phone shop may be able to find a server. I will try to stop there soon.

    Samsung Galaxy Vibrant-A friend switched to Verizon and gave me her phone. I am now officially a member of the smart phone community (T-mobile added unlimited talk, text and 500 Mb for an additional $10 per month ($50 + tax). I am now mostly pleased with the touch screen and am in the process of learning the phones features.

    Are the cheap batteries that I purchased online just empty shells?Attachment 52684

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    Re: Numerous Phones With Numerous Issues

    Oh, wow! I actually have a drawer full of old cellphones, each of which has their own reason for me not using them. Technically, they all still work, but they all have features or issues that forced me to purchase a new phone.

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    Re: Numerous Phones With Numerous Issues

    The shop told me that it is not worth repairing the old phones and that he thought that perhaps the Sidekick could be used with another carrier?

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    Re: Numerous Phones With Numerous Issues

    For the ones that aren't powering on correctly I would check the contacts between the phone and the battery. Are they bent/dirty? If so try to fix them. Are the charger ports actually working and charging the batteries? Is the port dirty?

    The only other explanation is something is damaged internally possibly from a drop or two or from getting wet.

    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the sidekick - you just can't get software updates for it anymore. I don't know what they mean by 'find a server'. Maybe one to download a software update that changed things to work correctly with t-mobile before the danger one was turned off?

    If you can't get them to work, I would just sell them on ebay or to a phone recycler.

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