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    I have been with MetroPCS for a long time. I am interested in purchasing a new iPhone, but since they are so expensive, I am considering a contract with a different carrier. Is there a problem with keeping the same phone number when you switch?

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    Re: Switching carriers and keeping your number?

    Shouldn't be an issue. Its easy to port number to a different carrier.

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    Re: Switching carriers and keeping your number?

    Keep your current service active, and request a port with the provider you want to switch to. After the port is complete, your old cell phone account should be automatically cancelled, but you can call to make sure.

    Have you decided which provider you want to switch to?

    T-Mobile has the iPhone. It's without a contract, but you pay monthly for the phone (you are agreeing to pay for the phone until it is paid in full, but the plan is not a contract). T-Mobile and MetroPCS are merging, so you will soon have access to MetroPCS' LTE network along with T-Mobile's. Also, I read T-Mobile phones will be available at MetroPCS stores under the MetroPCS brand but using T-Mobile's network. It's possible they will have the iPhone then, but if it is under MetroPCS' brand they will most likely make you pay full price unless they start doing the payment option for the phone like T-Mobile. I'm not sure how soon they will have the same pricing options.

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