If you are wondering how to unlock a mobile phone for free, you need to visit freeunlocks.com for free unlocking codes for all mobile phones. The unlocking codes will be given to you once you complete an offer with Trialpay. You can complete trialpay offers from freeunlocks.com or from any other vendor that has partnered with trial pay.

You can use Trialpay to get many other products other than unlock codes for all mobile phones. But in this article we are only going to talk about free unlock codes. Once you complete an offer with trialpay they give you a voucher code that enables you get free unlock codes by freeunlocks.com. Freeunlocks.com is paid by the merchant whose products you sign up for free. In this transaction all the parties gain since the merchant gets leads and freeunlocks.com to their websites.

You can get free unlock codes for all brands of mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Apple. The good thing is you can also unlock the latest smart phones. You can unlock android, iOS and windows phones easily just like all other mobile phones.

To access the free unlock services you need to know the IMEI code of the mobile phone you want to unlock and the mobile service provider to which it is locked to. You can find the IMEI below its battery or by dialing *#06#

It is easy to use the free unlock codes you get, Remember the codes are automatically generated for your mobile phone. An unlock code is unique and can only be used to unlock the cell phone whose IMEI code has been used.

There are numerous advantages of unlocking your mobile phone. First you will have the freedom of changing your SIM card to grab offers by competing mobile service providers. Secondly, in case you travel outside the country you will not pay for roaming charges since you can easily use the services of a locally available mobile service provider. You will save a lot by having your mobile phones unlocked.

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