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    I need an android phone, which has better performance and features in a low budget. I know indian phones like micromax, color, karbonn come in that range, but I don't know which to choose.

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    Re: Which indian android phone is better?

    I think you need to be a bit more specific. Do you want to know which brand is better in general? Or if one particular phone is better than the other? Also, by low-budget, are you referring to these brands as being low-budget (even their flagship smartphones)? Or do you want to buy a low-end Micromax /Karbonn smartphone?

    The point is, these companies have a lot of smartphones to sell, so you'll need to be a bit more specific with your search criteria. Do you have any screen size preferences for example? Is the design important to you? Are you thinking of certain models in particular? Such as the Micromax A110 Canvas 2? Or the Karbonn S1 Titanium for example? (both released in 2013)

    More often than not, the right smartphone is the one that fits your needs best. To give you another example, the Karbonn S1 Titanium seems to have better overall hardware specs than the Micromax Canvas 2, but the Canvas 2 has a 5 inch display.

    As far as prices and build quality goes, I'm afraid I can't really help since I'm not residing in India and I'm not too familiar with these details.

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    Re: Which indian android phone is better?

    To tell the truth I like good brand phones more, it is better to add 50$ and to buy a really reliable gadget.
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