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    I purchased this phone for $40 on Ebay a month ago. It powers on but cannot connect to a "server". I called T-mobile and was told that it was made by Danger (I thought it was built by Sharp) which went out of business back in 2010 and the server is no longer available. I stopped in to the local T-mobile and was told that the phones could be used until they are set to factory status. I stopped at two repair shops and they were clueless.

    I am enclosing the response from the former owners reply to my email. I have no reason to disbelieve him.

    Bought this item off eBay on 5-14-2011. Looked it up on my archive history. It's best mode is 3g. Which I think is still used. It was advertised as an unlocked phone. My son used it for about 3 or 4 months with an AT&T SIM card in it.

    "The tmobile tech is wrong -- it's clearly marked that the device is the 09 version built by sharp. I had one of the old danger phones -- even the older ones built by danger could be hooked up like a pop3 client to a mailserver to my recollection.

    My son used it until someone made fun of him. I can send you the username of the guy that sold it to me and most probably "unlocked" it?"

    Will this phone be forever relegatedName:  DSCF4718.jpg
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    Re: 09 Sidekick Paper-Weight?

    When does it give you that message? Does it say that when you turn it on or when you try to go to a webpage? Does the phone have WiFi and connect over WiFi fine?

    I know some Sidekicks were made by Danger, and I guess some other models were made by Sharp.

    Do you know the exact model of your device?

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    Re: 09 Sidekick Paper-Weight?

    That's the Sidekick LX (PV-300).

    As I mentioned in your other thread, I bet there was an update for the phone directly from Danger available sometime in 2009 that updated where the servers on the phone pointed. Now that it's reset to the original firmware, and you can't get the update anymore, the phone is useless as far as internet access. I did a quick search and even the people on XDA gave up on it.

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    Re: 09 Sidekick Paper-Weight?

    I only wanted to use the phone as a phone and not a computer and I made that clear to the folks at T-mobile.

    When turned on, a screen shows "Network Services Unavailable" until I click arrow button. The whole screen then shows "Waiting To Register for Data Services". It says that in order to get out of the screen, select "Phone & Text" from the drop-down screen but that does nothing. Maybe I do not know which button to use to select but I think that I tried them all.

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