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    Hello all. I'm not a big phone guy. I normally make 1 or 2 calls a day & most of the time they are under 2 minutes. I however do text a fair amount. I have a very low income so I'm currently on assurance which meets my phone needs quite well. What I'm looking for is a different phone to use with this service. From what I can tell , they don't support any Smart phones which is perfectly fine for me. I'd like to draw upon your vast knowledge & ask for suggestions on what phone I should look for. I'd like one with a tactile keyboard & the largest keys possible that I can use on the assurance network & that I can find used for a nice low price. one that flips open to protect the keys and/or screen would be ideal but not necessary. Good battery life & strong reception would also be nice features to have , but besides these I don't need a lot of bells and whistles as I don't use my phone as a toy.


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    I believe that is part of the Lifeline program. You can most likely find a provider that allows smartphones and will give you the Lifeline discount.

    It might not be free, but it should be a reduced cost.

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