Transferring Files Between Your Handset and Your PC:

  1. Connect your smartphone to your PC via the USB cable that came with your handset
  2. Open the notification panel on your smartphone then tap "Connect "
  3. In the "Connect to PC" screen, choose one of the following options:

    - Install driver: in case your smartphone is not fully recognized, tap this option to install the necessary drivers
    - Connect to PC Software: this option allows you to manage data or install apps on your smartphone through PC software
    - Media device (MTP): enables you to transfer media files on your Windows machine, or by using the Android File Transfer on a Mac. (If your PC is running Windows XP, you will need Media Player 11 or later in order to use MTP)
    - Camera (PTP): allows you to transfer photos using camera software
    - USB tethering: enables data sharing

    Note: In most cases, "Media device (MTP)" is the most appropriate option

  4. Navigate to your detected device (smartphone) on your computer and open it
  5. If necessary, select a drive ("SD card" or "Phone")
  6. Open the folder containing the files you wish to transfer (for instance "Music") and copy the files on your computer
  7. Once you're done, disconnect your smartphone from your computer

MicroSD Card Management

Removing the microSD Card:

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon on your smartphone
  2. Select "Settings" > "Storage" > "Unmount external SD card"
  3. Confirm by pressing "OK". It is now safe to remove the microSD card.

Checking the microSD Card's Available Memory:

  1. When a microSD card is inserted into your smartphone, tap the "Apps" icon on your home screen
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Tap "Storage". The available and total storage is displayed in the section titled "External SD Card Storage"

Formatting the microSD Card:

Note: Formatting the microSD card will permanently remove all files that are stored on the card! If necessary, backup your files before formatting (refer to the guides above for instructions on how to connect your device to a computer in order to transfer data)

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon located on the home screen
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Tap "Storage"
  4. Scroll down, find and tap "Erase external SD card" > "Erase external SD card" > "Erase everything"

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