Adding an Event to the Calendar:

  1. While on the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon
  2. Browse the app drawer and select "Calendar"
  3. On the Calendar view, tap the "New events" icon (located in the top-right corner) to open the event details screen.
    Note: While in the "Day" or "Week" view, you can double-tap a spot in order to add an event on that time slot
  4. In case you have multiple calendars, select the one in which you wish to add the event:
    - Select "My calendar" in order to create an event that will appear on your phone only
    - Select your Google account if you wish to create a "Google Calendar" event. (Click this link if you wish to learn how to set up your Google Account on the Sprint Vital)
    - Select your Outlook account to create an event in the "Outlook Calendar"
    - Select your Exchange ActiveSync account to create an "Exchange AtiveSync" calendar event. (Click this link if you wish to learn how to set up your Exchange ActiveSync account on your Sprint Vital)
  5. Type in the name and location of the event
  6. Tap the "From" and "To" fields to specify the date and time of the event
  7. Enter the event's description and guests
  8. Optionally, you can tap the "Repetition" field if the event will occur on a regular basis
  9. Set the event notification method end reminder time, then tap "Done"

Inviting Guests to Your Calendar Event:

Note: In order to be able and invite guests, you need to create the event in your Google Calendar. Your guests will be invited via email.

  1. Open the "Calendar" app and create the event
  2. Tap the "Calendar" field and select the appropriate account
  3. Add the details of your event (location, date, time etc.)
  4. Tap the "Guests" field and type in the email addresses of the desired guests. Multiple email addresses need to be separated by commas
  5. Complete your event with the desired additional information and press "Done" when ready

Erasing a Calendar Event:

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon found on the home screen
  2. Open the calendar event details:
    - While in "Agenda", "Day" or "Week" views, tap the calendar event that you wish to delete
    - In "Month" view, tap the date on which the event occurs, then tap the desired calendar event
  3. Press "Delete" then tap "OK" in the confirmation box. (If the calendar event is recurring, select "Only this event", "This and future events" or "All events", then tap "OK")

See More: Sprint ZTE Vital: Create and Manage Calendar Events