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    I currently have an iPhone 4s provided for free where I work and I just got the possibility to switch it for a LG Optimus G.

    I've read the specs and some reviews and it seems like the LG would be a much better phone but I just want to be certain before making my decision.
    So many people have an iPhone, makes me think there must be something to it or people are just buying iPhone to be part of the "I got an iPhone" group?

    Any reason why I should keep my 4s??

    Thanks for your time


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    Re: iPhone 4s or LG Optimus G

    Personally, I would go with the LG Optimus G, since it is an Android phone and I prefer Android phones.

    It should be similar to the Nexus 4, expect it might have some LG content built in. If you have the option to go with the Nexus 4, I would recommend that, since it is basically the same phone expect it should be pure "Google" and have access to future Android updates.

    I would say it is an upgrade over the iPhone 4S. It should have a larger screen, so it might take you a while to get used to it. A lot of people prefer the bigger screens, including myself.
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    Re: iPhone 4s or LG Optimus G

    Hi Gorrath,

    Hardware-wise, the LG Optimus G is by far the superior device. It has a larger display with a higher resolution, a more powerful processor, more RAM, so on and so forth. Personally, I'd go with the LG Optimus G in a blink of an eye, not only because I personally prefer Android, but mostly because it's the iPhone 4S, and not the iPhone 5. The Optimus G is simply superior, from a technical standpoint.

    To answer your other question, well, it's a bit complicated to be honest, but I'll try to sum things up.

    There are many reasons why some people prefer the iPhone in general. One of these reasons is because of the powerful name that this brand has. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who just don't have the time or are not necessarily too enthusiastic about smartphones. That being said, they tend to buy whatever they think it's safe to buy, which is a smartphone that they've heard good things about from other people in the past. So they buy the iPhone. More so, Apple products look nice, they're generally well built and give the feeling that they're superior in all aspects, but that's not entirely the case.

    From my experience and what I've personally seen, another reason why the iPhone is a brand of choice for many who reside in the States is because Apple is a US brand. It happens everywhere to be honest. Some people just want to buy from regional manufacturers. However, what you need to understand is that Apple products are actually not built in the US. Most of the parts and the assembly is done by Foxconn in Taiwan.

    Thirdly, the iPhone is easier to use, or so everyone claims. Indeed, there are no bells and whistles. The user interface of the iOS operating system is pretty simple and straightforward, but the downside is that it has almost no flexibility. There is little-to-no customization and it's gotten really stale lately. To be honest though, Android is not difficult to use either. After all, it's an operating system designed for the general public. Nonetheless, this is just something that people like to say, that the iPhone is much easier to use and that's a big plus in their books. I personally think that in the end, both platforms are easy to use, and although iOS is even simpler, I prefer Android because it's much more flexible. We're in the age of technology after all, and Android is really not rocket science.

    Lastly, during the past several years the Apple Store has dominated in terms of content (apps), while the Google Play Store had a later start. Nonetheless, today the Google Play Store is very rich. It really is no issue anymore, but some people might not know this and they might not be so up to date. The only issue I see with the Play Store is that there are still very few apps that are optimized specifically for Android tablets, whereas the Apple Store has tons of those (for the iPads). But if you're thinking about smartphones, then the Play Store is still pretty awesome.

    So, to sum things up:

    Why certain people prefer the iPhone

    - Apple is a US brand, LG is South Korean
    - iOS is simpler than Android
    - The design is generally nicer on iPhones, though this rule has been definitely broken during the last 6-12 months. (in your case, the Optimus G is more modern looking than the iPhone 4S. At least in my eyes)
    - Apple has the funds and really knows how to advertise its products

    Why people prefer Android (strictly speaking about flagship phones):

    - A much more flexible operating system with tons of customization options
    - More powerful hardware, generally speaking (and a valid point in your situation)
    - Larger displays with higher resolution
    - More affordable than Apple products

    Personally I'd go with the Optimus G, but in the end, it's your choice, as you'll be the one who will use the product . Choose whatever makes you more comfortable I guess.

    l.e: The only reason I can think of (from my point of view at least) as to why you'd want to keep your iPhone 4S is because, if you've invested in tons of applications from the App Store, then you won't have access to them anymore, once you switch to Android. Is it worth it? It's up to you.
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    Re: iPhone 4s or LG Optimus G

    I can't say I'm a big fan of Apple devices. They are too posh. I would switch to LG.
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