Before we go on, let's familiarize ourselves with the Viewfinder! To access the camera app use one of these methods:

  • Tap the "Camera" icon if present on the home screen
  • Tap the "Apps" icon on the home screen and then browse and select "Camera"
  • While on the lock screen, tap and hold the camera button

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Viewfinder Legend:

  1. Tap to switch between the front and rear camera
  2. Allows you to select a color effect (available only for the rear camera)
  3. Select a scene (available only for the rear camera)
  4. Tap to access the camera settings
  5. Slide left and right to zoom in and out
  6. Change the flash mode (available only for the rear camera)
  7. Access the gallery of pictures and videos you've taken
  8. Shutter button: tap to capture pictures (in camcorder mode, tap to record videos)
  9. Switch between camera and camcorder

Taking a Picture:

  1. Open the "Camera" app
  2. Slide your finger across the zoom bar to zoom in or out
  3. Select a flash mode
  4. Frame the subject and let the camera autofocus (or tap a spot on the display to focus in that area)
  5. Tap the shutter button to capture a photo

Taking a Panoramic Picture:

  1. Access the "Camera" app
  2. Access the camera settings
  3. Select "Panorama"
  4. Tap the camera button then start panning left to right (or right to left)
  5. When you wish to end the panorama shot, tap the camera button again
  6. Press the "Back" button on your device to exit panorama mode

Recording a Video:

  1. Access the "Camera" app
  2. Tap button to switch to camcorder
  3. Make the desired adjustments by accessing the camera settings screen
  4. Frame the desired subject and allow the camera to autofocus. Alternatively, you can tap the screen to focus on that particular area
  5. Press the record button to start recording a video. Tap the record button again to stop the recording process

Understanding the Camera Settings:

When you access the camera settings screen you have a wide selection of options. These are:

  • Self-timer: allows you to set a time delay before the camera takes a picture after you tap the shutter button
  • Burst Selector: with burst mode active, you can take several pictures consecutively by pressing and holding the shutter icon
  • Interval Mode: allows you to set the length of time in which the camera takes several photos automatically, after you touch the shutter button
  • Face Mode: enables face, blink and smile detection, and reduces red-eye effect
  • Image Settings: gives you access to settings such as saturation, sharpness, contrast and exposure
  • White Balance: allows you to adjust white balance
  • ISO: select the desired ISO level
  • Geo-tagging: while enabled, your camera app will store GPS location in your captured photos
  • Shutter Tones: changes the shutter tone
  • Composition Line: enable or disable the composition line
  • Picture Size: allows you to set the image size of your photos
  • Auto-review: set the desired time frame during which your recently captured picture remains on-screen
  • Picture Quality: allows you to adjust the image quality
  • Anti-banding: leave it on "Auto" or set the desired anti-banding value. This feature enables you to avoid stripes on pictures of TVs, computer screens and so on
  • Storage Location: allows you to select the desired storage location for your photos and videos
  • Restore Defaults: tap to return the camera settings back to factory values

Camcorder Settings:

  • Video Quality: allows you to set the quality of your videos
  • Time Lapse: enables you to set the desired interval of time in between each frame while recording videos in time lapse mode
  • White balance: change the white balance according to your needs
  • Geo-tagging: much like before, when geo-tagging is enabled your camera will add GPS location information in your recorded videos
  • Storage Location: set the desired location for storing your videos

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