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    Currently, I have the option of getting one of the three phones I just listed. I don't like the specs on the iPhone but its very small and compact which I like and people at my high school think its a cool factor to have an iPhone + 80% of my friends use the iMessage function to plan almost everything. Other than the former, I have every other reason to go with an Android phone. I'll tell you what kind of user i am.

    I'm very tech-smart. I'll modify the iPhone and Android inside out to get it fit my way but the iPhone isnt very "modifiable".
    I use my phone for texting, connecting with others, taking pictures, and small-sized games + to conduct business since I talk to alot of officials and supervisors.
    I also have HUGE, ENORMOUS hands. Like Gorilla hands.
    I will also be using my phone for photography class soo...
    I also listen to LOTS of music + constant web browsing.
    The phone needs to last a whole school day
    I watch movies on it too.
    The iMessage improves my connecting with others.

    So whats you're verdict?

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    Re: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

    I wouldn't get a phone because of one feature that a lot of people use. Most of the time there is something comparable out there for the other platform, for example, MightyText | SMS From Computer or Tablet for Android does pretty much the same thing as iMessage. Not to mention the S4 can do group messaging via MMS, it just may not be as clean messaging between different platforms.

    Also see these posts:

    Personally I would go with the S4, but that's probably because I already have an SIII
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    Re: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

    I wouldn't advise you to get the iPhone 5 as long as you have the option of getting either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One. Both these Android smartphones are better equipped than Apple's flagship by far, in nearly every aspect you can think of.

    As to picking between these Android gadgets, I think you should get your hands on both these gadgets in a store, and see which one seems the right choice for you. They're both really close in terms of hardware specs, though the Galaxy S4 has a higher frequency in its CPU and it also packs a microSD card. It also features a slightly larger display (5 inches vs. 4.7 inches, though both screens are full HD).

    On the other hand, if you want to listen to music, there's no doubt that the HTC One does a better job. It comes with Beats Audio and a BoomSound speaker setup. It's also built using higher quality materials than the SGS4 (aluminum unibody vs. glossy polycarbonate > fingerprint magnet).

    One thing that I should warn you about though, is that if you're planning on using your smartphone intensively throughout the day (watching movies and browsing the web a whole lot), then neither one of these gadgets might have the ability to give you enough battery life. I haven't tested them, but as far as I know, smartphones in general can give you enough juice for a whole day for average usage. However, if you're going overboard with hours and hours of web browsing and movies throughout a day, then you might need to carry a charger or an external battery with you. But again, I haven't tested these particular handsets; I only talk from my own experience with other smartphones.

    So, with that in mind, given the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a removable battery that can be upgraded to a larger (and bulkier) one, then the S4 might be a better choice for you. The HTC One does not have a removable battery, though you can make use of external batteries to recharge your device on-the-go.

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    Re: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

    In general, the whole 3 devices offer almost the same set of functions. So, the choice depends mainly on you personal like of the design or of the brand.
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    Re: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

    like android to use for its huge apps but still iphone is best

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