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    According to Japan's NHK television reported that the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer - LG Electronics, on 7th of this month in New York issued "on the back button style" new intelligent machines, Samsung Electronics and Apple compete with the huge U.S. market.

    LG Electronics smartphone this release characterized by the largest exterior design, the new intelligent machines will be located on the side of your power and volume control buttons moved to the back. Using camera phones currently on the market, it must be a hand to hold the phone to help complete, while the new camera phone can be done with one hand, greatly improve the phone's operability. Meanwhile, the new phones are equipped with anti-shake function 13 million-pixel camera, and can achieve better sound quality than a CD.

    The release of the new LG smartphone will be within the next two months in Europe and America, South Korea and other countries and regions available, it is unclear whether to enter the Japanese market.

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    Re: LG launches new smartphone

    Damn this sounds good

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    Re: LG launches new smartphone

    @ OP

    Erm, are you actually talking about the LG G2?

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