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    So me and my gf both got new white 16gb iphone 4s (she still gets one with her family not with me until after this 2 years when we are moved in together) and i got the same but i got it on virgin mobile because they had a good deal (2 months free service plus 15% off the msrp on the iphone). I work in a very rugged enviorment and im looking for a case and my gf also is pretty rough with her phone.

    I currently have these on there with a zagg shield but i dont like the zagg shield tbh http://shop.impactgel.com/Impact-Gel...-Case-I4MC.htm

    It made my phone seem less responsive and gives the screen a washed out look. I was looking for something pretty durable for drops and scuffs for both of us but dont want to spend a fortune on like that new otterbox armor or a life proof. I know that 80$ for a case is worth it on a 500$ phone but still its not really in the budget.

    Should i go for the otterbox defender hybrid series that are right around 30 bucks? Or is there other things that are similar priced? I want the case to not be too big or bulky (i expect some bulk but just not huge) and i want one of those integrated screen protectors thats built into the case to save the trouble and hassle of them. I dont actually use my phone for work i just always have it on me in case of emergency so i dont want some huge gigantic industrial armor for my phone that makes it hard to use, i would say 50% of my time is texting 30% is playing games and the other 20 is like browser and phone calls and pictures so i would like the case to leave the phone functional.

    I havent had any personal experence with otterbox or any other iphone cases so is there anything out there that will suit me well for not too much cash?

    If i can add anything else to help you guys help me find something good please let me know. I would prefer to buy a case from amazon if possible because i got a month free of 2 day shipping cause my little sister got a kindle for her birthday but its not 100% nessicary.

    Thanks guys !

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    Re: good iphone 4s case?

    Well if you are to retain the look of your iphone and can be careful enough not to ditch it in water or drop it, you can simply go with a screen protector.
    I have been using one from gearmaxx and the best part it they are really easy to install. Gives you that great protection from scratches and luckily for me no scratches even though I dropped it twice already. Sure it was not the protector that saved y phone, must have been my luck. I paid something like 15 bucks and got protectors for both front and back.

    Here is the link to make your life easier:
    Apple iPhone 4S Screen Protector Front Back GEARMAXX Ultra Clear | eBay

    Also it was shipped for free and I saved there as well.

    Name:  $(KGrHqJHJFMFGNg9VPm4BRl)NkTvlg~~60_57.JPG
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    Many of y friends do not like buying from ebay, they call it "cheap stuff" but to me I have got my money's worth and ust say can't complain at all.

    Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more os another great place to look for screen protectors if you are looking to save $4 like I am.

    Cheers !!

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    Re: good iphone 4s case?

    yes. it is a good case.

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