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    Guys, I need some phone buying advice.

    I don't use it much so I don't need all the latest things but I do have a few requirements.

    The last one I bought and the one I have now is the Nexus One. I got it when it first came out
    I like it but the touch sensitivity is crap and I'm tired of having to click 5-10 times sometimes.

    Also, speaker volume is not enough and the speaker quality is so, so.

    Camera quality is $HIT!

    Here is what I need. Note, I DO NOT want an iPhone in case someone was going to recommend me one.

    Size about the same as the Nexus one. I need a decent size screen as my eyes are bad. I do NOT need a bigger phone.

    Android so that I can pimp it with an app that will let me make ALL the fonts bigger.

    Crisp and bright screen.

    Good touch sensitivity.

    LOUD speaker and good quality. For voice only, not much need for music.

    I would like to be able to use this with voice dial for future use with headset and hands free in my truck.

    Something cheap that I can buy right now and I would consider used or even something directly from one of the chinese
    sites, as long as it does what I want.

    UNLOCKED for use with my own sim card. I DO NOT do contracts.

    Good quality camera.

    I'm not sure how a dual sim card phone works but IF it's possible to have one phone that I can have two numbers on and be able to answer any of those numbers, WITHOUT having to power down and changing to a different number, then I would really like that.

    Also, I have another question. I have two google voice numbers but they will only let me forward calls to ONE cellphone number. Ie, I have a google number ending with 1111 and I can forward it to my cell but I cannot forward the calls from google number 2222 to my cell.

    They will however allow me to forward calls from both google numbers to my home number...?

    Is there a way around that so that I can answer calls from BOTH google numbers on my phone?

    I don't do facebook or twitter or stuff like that and I only do a few minutes a month on my phone. ALL I do is make calls
    and the occasional browsing and checking out youtube videos.



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    Re: Need help finding a new phone...

    I'm not sure if you'll find a 3.7 inch display on newer smartphones, but the good thing is that with newer devices, even if the screen might be a bit larger, the device itself is not necessarily increasing in size (smaller bezels and all that).

    I'm not too familiar with Chinese brands (if you were referring to those who are building clone smartphones), so here's a short list of devices from renown manufacturers that you may find useful. As far as I know, none of them have dual-SIM capabilities, or some may have, but only in certain regions. Not sure about that.

    Samsung Galaxy Ring
    Samsung Galaxy SII Plus
    Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini (or S4 Mini if it's in your budget)
    HTC One S
    Something from the HTC Desire family, such as the Desire 600, or 300 if you can wait for it to go on sale.

    I'm not sure about the camera quality on these devices though. Most budget-friendly smartphones don't really excel in this area. Only the more expensive high-end smartphones can actually somewhat compete with certain less-powerful point-and-shoot dedicated cameras out there.

    Nonetheless, by buying either one of the above mentioned handsets, you should feel a notable improvement, especially in the touch-sensitivity department.


    You may be interested to know that most HTC smartphones (the ones that come with Sense 4 or above as far as I know) come with something called "Car mode" which makes everything bigger on the screen and the UI is designed for car use. Here's an image of the home screen of a HTC smartphone in car mode

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