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    I currently use Verizon. I have been with them for about the last 10-12 yrs. I still have one of their old school unlimited data plans for my wifes and my smart phone. Having unlimited data is very important because I use so much. On months where I have 1-2 on call periods I may use 10-12 gbs of data.

    When Verizon did away with their unlimited plans I wasnt effected in any way. I was grandfathered in and allowed to keep the plan I had with no hitches. Now, they are changing on me. Now, I can keep my plan as long as I dont ever upgrade my phone. If I go in and use one of my "New Every Two" discounted upgrades on either of my phones I will be forced to switch to a new tiered data plan. So, im being forced into buying all my future phones out right through ebay or some other means.

    Honestly, id be ok doing that as long as I knew id be able to always keep my plan. Since they switched up on me im having doubts now. Whats stopping them from contacting me today and saying "sorry, but if you want service with us you'll have to switch to tiered data plan".

    This weekend I saw a commercial for Sprint. Apparently they still offer unlimited data, hell I think its unlimited everything. I think you can lock in for life as well. My curiosity is sparked and im looking for some first hand feedback.

    TLDR: Does anyone here use Sprint for your cellphone? If so, have you had good/bad luck with it and why?

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    Re: Cellphone providers ~ Considering switching to Sprint.

    That's a good question regarding them just switching off unlimited grandfathered plans. My guess is that there are still too many people using them and turning them I'd would cause a stir.

    Keep in mind that sprints 4g lte coverage is limited to large cities at this point and their coverage in general isn't as good as Verizon. You could always give them a try and cancel if within their gave period.

    Also ask yourself if you really need "unlimited" data or if you can get on wifi most of the time.

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