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    Wi-Fi Management

    Enabling Wi-Fi and Connecting to a Network:

    1. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" button
    2. Tap "System settings" > "Wi-Fi"
    3. Slide the "Wi-Fi" switch and set it to "On"
    4. In the list of networks, select the one that you wish to connect to
    5. Assuming that the network is secured, type in the network's password and tap "Connect"

    Adding a Wi-Fi Network Manually:

    1. From the home screen, tap the "Menu" button
    2. Select "System settings" > "Wi-Fi"
    3. Tap the switch associated with "Wi-Fi" to enable the option
    4. Tap the "+" button
    5. Enter the desired network's SSID (name), and if necessary, enter any additional security details that may be required
    6. Tap "Save"

    Getting Notified of Open Networks:

    When enabling this option, you will receive notifications in the Status bar whenever you will be in range of an open Wi-Fi network

    1. Press the "Menu" button while viewing the home screen
    2. Tap "System settings" and then tap "Wi-Fi"
    3. Make sure that Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled, and then press the "Menu" button
    4. Tap "Advanced"
    5. Mark the check box associated with "Network notification"

    Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network:

    To forget a Wi-Fi network that you've added, so that you can prevent your smartphone from automatically connect to the network when in range:

    1. Press the "Menu" key while on the home screen
    2. Tap "System settings" > "Wi-Fi"
    3. Make sure that the Wi-Fi slider is set to "ON"
    4. Tap the name of the desired Wi-Fi network and tap "Forget"

    Configuring Advanced Wi-Fi Settings:

    1. From any of the home screens, press the "Menu" key
    2. Select "System settings" and tap "Wi-Fi"
    3. Tap the "Menu" button and press "Advanced"
    4. Adjust the following settings as necessary:
      • Network notification
      • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
      • MAC address
      • IP address

    Using Wi-Fi Direct

    Wi-Fi Direct enables you to connect your smartphone to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, without the need for a wireless access point (hotspot)

    Connecting to Another Device Through Wi-Fi Direct:

    1. Press the "Menu" button while on the home screen
    2. Tap "System settings"
    3. Press "Wi-Fi"
    4. Make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled and press the "Menu" key
    5. Tap "Wi-Fi Direct"
    6. Under "Peer Devices", select a device that you wish to connect with. The other device will receive a Wi-Fi Direct notification

    Sending Data via Wi-Fi Direct:

    1. Open the application from which you wish to send data, and select the file that you wish to share
    2. Select the option to share via Wi-Fi
    3. Wait for the search to complete, and select the device that you wish to send the data to

    Receiving Data via Wi-Fi Direct:

    1. If you've received a file via Wi-Fi Direct, you will see a notification in the status bar
    2. Open the status bar and tap "Accept" to receive the data
    3. The files will be downloaded in the dedicated "Wi-Fi Share" folder
    4. You can access the file(s) by opening the "File Manager" located in the app drawer

    See More: ZTE Source: Manage Wi-Fi Connectivity and Enable / Send / Receive Files via Wi-Fi Direct

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    Re: Manage Wi-Fi Connectivity and Enable / Send / Receive Files via Wi-Fi Direct on the ZTE Source

    great tutorial, thank you for sharing it.
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