There are several methods for transferring contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Source, but the following guides are the most convenient / utilized. Choose whichever method you prefer or suits your needs best.

Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Source via iTunes:

  1. If necessary, install iTunes on your computer
  2. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. Once your iPhone appears in iTunes, click it to open the handset's summary page
  4. Access the "Info" tab
  5. Mark the check box associated with "Sync Contacts With"
  6. In the drop-down menu, select "Google Contacts"
  7. If this is the first time using this feature, enter your Google account and password. Otherwise, click "Configure" to select a previously set Google account
  8. Click "Apply" and wait for iTunes to sync the existing contacts from your iPhone to your Google account
  9. On your ZTE Source, add the aforementioned Google account if necessary, by accessing the "Settings" menu and going to "Accounts"
  10. Allow your Google account to sync the contacts on your phone

Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Source via iCloud:

  1. Access using your computer's Internet browser
  2. Log in to your iCloud account
  3. Click "Contacts" to access the list of contacts
  4. Select the contact(s) that you wish to transfer / export
  5. Click the icon depicting a gear, located in the lower left part of the window
  6. Select "Export vCard", and wait for the computer to download the VCF file containing the selected contacts
  7. Import the VCF file to "Google Contacts". Alternatively, connect your ZTE Source to your computer and copy the file to your phone's "/sdcard" folder. After that, access the "Contacts" app on your ZTE Source, press the "Menu" key > "Import / export" > "Import from SD card" > select the desired file and tap "OK"

Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Source Using the "My Contacts Backup" Application:

  1. O your iPhone, access the "App Store" and search for the "My Contacts Backup" app
  2. Install and launch the app, then tap "Backup"
  3. After the backup is complete, tap "Email" to attach the VCF file to an email
  4. Send an email containing the VCF file, and set your Gmail account as the recipient
  5. On your ZTE Source, open the email containing the attached VCF file and download it to your phone

Transferring Contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Source Using "Bump":

Note: in order to be able and use Bump for transferring contacts, you'll need an active Internet connection on both your iPhone and your ZTE Source

  1. On your iPhone, search the App Store for the "Bump" app, then download and install it
  2. On your ZTE Source, search the Play Store for "Bump" and install the app
  3. Launch "Bump" on both devices and allow permissions if / when prompted
  4. On your iPhone, swipe to the right and access the "Contacts" section
  5. From the list, select the contacts that you wish to share
  6. When the "Bump now!" label appears in the top-right corner, you can lightly bump your two smartphones
  7. Tap "Connect" and let the two smartphones connect eachoter
  8. The selected contacts will now be copied to your ZTE Source

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