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    Hi - I am a newbie to the forum...and to the smartphone world! We currently have 4 basic phones...3 talk/text on my in-laws AT&T family plan (about $80/month), and 1 Verizon talk-only from my employer (free). We are searching for new wireless service, and we are considering upgrading to 4 smartphones. I know, we are behind the times!

    Based on talking to friends, family, and lookng on the internet, it looks like a 4 phone family plan with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint for talk/text/data will cost over $200/month, plus any subsidized upfront cost and/or monthly cost for phones unless you BYOD. T-Mobile and Metro PCS seem to be offering the best prices for a family plan with 4 smart phones at about $100/month for unlimited talk/text/data, but you need to buy the phones upfront which can range from $50-$600 depending on the phone.

    My parents recently switched their family plan from Sprint to T-Mobile for lower monthly rates and newer phones (they got four Galaxy S4's). They now have four Sprint HTC EVO 4G phones that they are not using, but they said the phones cannot be used on the T-Mobile network. I started a thread on the MetroPCS forum to see if the EVO can be used with MetroPCS. The EVO looks like a decent phone that is not too far behind the latest phones, and four free phones could be a nice way to get started.

    It looks like Verizon generally has the best ratings overall, including coverage, but T-Mobile and MetroPCS coverage seems to be okay in my area based on the maps (southern New Jersey, about 45 minutes southeast of Phialdelphia PA). I guess if we went with T-Mobile or MetroPCS with no contraact, we could always drop them if coverage was unacceptable.

    I would greatly appreciate any tips on family plans and monthly rates, as well as phones for our situation. Thank you!

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    Re: Newbie looking for tips on family plans and smartphones

    As I mentioned in the other thread, I would sell the HTC Evo's. Use that cash to buy something Android and GSM. As long as what you get is unlocked you can use them on just about any prepaid service. (if they're not unlocked, an unlocker on here can help you with that - unlocked phones sometimes carry a premium when you can just do it for $10 a phone yourself)

    With Verizon, they do have good service and coverage, but they're one of the more expensive ways to go. That and you have to get one of their phones since they operate on CDMA frequencies.

    Also, I'm sorry you're in South Jersey. (I'm from there)

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