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    It turns out the fight between Apple and Samsung over patent infringements may never really end. Every time we think one or the other has finally won, we hear about another court battle that is coming up. Not only have the two fought over and over in court in the US, but they have also been fighting all over the world going from country to country to keep it up. Apple claiming Samsung stole technology while Samsung claims that is absurd, the fight continues.

    Samsung lost this battle

    Samsung “lost” its most recent court case when a jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $290 million for infringing patents. Apple was asking for $380 million and Samsung only wanted to pay out $52 million, according to PC World, so it seems as if Apple won this time. The verdict was made to help Apple make up for lost profits because of the popularity of the Samsung phones. Now, Apple is owed $930 million from Samsung since a verdict last year in San Jose also directed Samsung to pay $450 million. But just because Samsung lost the most recent couple of battles doesn’t mean that Apple has won the war.

    Samsung winning in the end

    The reason why the jury, in the end, decided to award the cash to Apple was because they agreed Apple must have lost some customers to Samsung. The whole argument behind everything was that Samsung used Apple’s technology to create phones and steal clients from Apple. Samsung argued, on the other hand, that customers who chose Samsung did so for reasons not associated with the proposed thieved technology and that Apple did not lose any customers.

    In the end, it looks like Samsung has gotten away with stealing the Apple technology, or at least creating very similar technology, and only got a small slap on the wrist. Samsung has new, permanent customers because of their great phones which means Apple has permanently lost a lot of customers. Apple may have won a bit of cash, but it will never make up for the lost customers, especially if Apple can’t figure out a new way to innovate and bring old customers back. Since neither of them seem to be able to innovate, all they have left is to argue in court.

    Technology still all the same with texting

    No matter what these phone manufacturers do, none of them have figured out a way to create technology to get rid of texting. Texting is a key point to any good cell phone. Nobody has yet come up with a way to sell a phone without that important technology. That means your business is safe creating a completely new marketing strategy involving texting systems. Get started today, so you can beat out all your competition this holiday season. Getting your text marketing system in place may take a little bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end if you can bring in a lot of extra business.

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    Re: Apple vs. Samsung: Who really won

    Nobody really won yet. If that was the case, either Samsung or Apple should have gone bust by now which is not the case.

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    Re: Apple vs. Samsung: Who really won

    Iphone is captured the world market. Because it has its own operating system, it has the only company who is working independently without and sharing. Samsung is now become an emerging company it will not replace the Apple product. But the war is going on.

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