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    Buying cell phones direct from China has its drawbacks. Although the phones are usually very nice, the manufacturers often leave a few important things out. Like a brand name. And a user manual one can actually read and understand. Just got one of these puppies. It appears to be a clone of the Galaxie S4. So I DLd the GS4 user manual (the Verizon version...close enough, I thought).

    Well, it is close but not close enough. There are too many menues that don't match up.

    The "brand name" in the tiny, useless user manual is: GSM/GPRS. The model number (from the phone) is: Y9190.

    From this info, is it possible to determine what, if any, major brand user manual will work with this phone?

    Appreciate your help.


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    Re: need user manual for Chinese Galaxy s4

    Unfortunately if it didn't come with a manual then you may be out of luck. There is no difference in the basic operating system, but Samsung ads many small things on top of Android to make it their own.

    Is there something specific you needed help with?

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