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    The ZTE Engate MT has been recently launched and serves as a budget-friendly device that runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If you've purchased this device and you're wondering how you can share your iPhone contacts with it, then look no further. Below you will find 4 easy methods of transferring contacts from an iPhone to the ZTE Engage MT. Each method has its own advantages, so pick the one that you find most useful to you.

    Using iTunes to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    You can use iTunes to transfer your iPhone contacts over to the ZTE Engage MT. The process is quite easy, but you need to have iTunes installed on your computer. If you need to get the app, visit the official Apple website.

    1. Launch iTunes on your PC
    2. Establish a connection between your iPhone and your computer using the proprietary USB cable
    3. The iPhone should now appear in iTunes. Click on it in order to access its device summary page
    4. Go to the "Info" tab
    5. Mark the check box associated with "Sync Contacts With", and then select "Google Contacts" from the drop-down list
    6. Enter your Google account's login credentials if you haven't done so before. Otherwise, you can click "Configure" and select a previously added Google account
    7. Click "Apply" and let iTunes sync your iPhone contacts
    8. Now, on the ZTE Engate MT, register the same Google account, if necessary. (To do so, go to "Settings"> "Accounts")
    9. Allow the Google account to sync the contacts with your Android smartphone

    Using iCloud to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:

    Assuming that you've previously used the iCloud service on your iPhone, chances are that your contacts have been already backed up onto your iCloud account. You can use this to transfer the contacts over to your ZTE Engage MT.

    1. Using your PC's Internet browser, visit and login with your iCloud account
    2. Access the list of contacts by clicking "Contacts"
    3. Select the contacts that you wish to share with your ZTE
    4. Click the icon depicting a cog wheel, located in the bottom-left side
    5. Select "Export vCard". This will create a VCF file that will be downloaded on your computer
    6. Import the VCF file to "Google Contacts". Alternatively, connect your ZTE smartphone to your computer via USB and copy the VCF file onto your phone's SD memory. Then, open the contacts app, press the "Menu" key, tap "Import / Export" > "Import from SD card" and select the account on which you wish to import the contacts. Then, select the VCF file and tap "OK"

    Using the "My Contacts Backup" App to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    My Contacts Backup is an iOS application that allows you to transfer your iPhone contacts via email, without connecting your smartphone to a computer. To use this method:

    1. Visit the App Store on your iPhone and install the "My Contacts Backup" application
    2. Open the app and then tap "Backup". This will create a VCF file containing your iPhone contacts
    3. Then, tap "Email" to create a new email with the VCF file attached to it
    4. Enter your own Gmail address as the recipient and send the email
    5. On your ZTE Engage MT, open the email and download the attached VCF file to import the contacts

    Using the "Bump" App to Transfer iPhone Contacts:

    Bump is a very interesting iOS and Android application that allows you to easily share contacts using cloud computing. This method does not require access to a computer, but you will need an active Internet connection on both smartphones.

    1. Install "Bump" on your iPhone, from the App Store
    2. On your ZTE Engage MT, visit the Play Store and install the same app
    3. Launch the application on both devices and allow permissions
    4. On the iPhone, go to the contacts section and select the ones that you wish to share
    5. Once the "Bump Now!" label appears in the top-right corner, you can gently bump your two smartphones together
    6. If done properly, a "Connect" button will appear on both smartphones. Tap it, and the iPhone contacts will now be copied over to the ZTE

    See More: ZTE Engage MT: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone

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    Re: ZTE Engage MT: Tips & Tricks on How to Easily Transfer Contacts from an iPhone

    You can alternatively transfer iPhone contacts to any Android device by following these directions:

    How to transfer iPhone contacts to Android

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