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    I purchased a refurbished iPhone 5 through Straight Talk. While on the phone with tech support getting it activated, I learned that it was actually a Net10 phone. Not sure what difference that makes, since they seem to be sister companies, but it's been working fine.

    The phone uses Verizon towers which, in my area, aren't the greatest. I'd like to switch over to a prepaid US Cellular plan, which has excellent coverage in my area, along with 4G speeds.

    Is it true that there is no way to keep my present phone in making the switch? From what I'm learning, I think I would have to sell my current phone on Ebay, then buy a US Cellular iPhone.

    When listing on Ebay, is the phone ONLY able to be activated on Net10 (as their tech support claims) or can the new owner activate on Straight Talk (and other providers?) as well if they want? I want to make a truthful listing.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Net10 iPhone 5 - what to do?

    Net10 and Straight Talk are run by the same company - I don't see why they wouldn't be interchangeable.

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