There are many companies that offer unlock codes for your smartphone such as this one: sim-unlock-net .

many people don't feel secured enough to make a payment for an unlock code, because they feel they will get robbed or that the code doesn't work.

Here are a couple of tips to make you feel more secured.

1. First of all please make sure, that you read the site rules. It is very importnat to know whta can you expect and what are you paying for.

2. The second thing you can do is to contact the company by e-mail, or call them and ask first about your order. Every good company has call center that

you can conntact to answer all of your questions. If there is no way to contact the company, it might not be the best choice for you.

3. The third thing is to get to know if the company refunds money if you are not satisfied with their service, like for example sim-unlock-net gives a full

refund if they cannot unlock your phone.

4. You won't get a refund just because you want to. All companies need a way to secure their biznes, that is why most of them ask to record a short video

that shows that the codes don't work, or that your phone doesn't ask for an unlock code, or someother problems.

5, Ask for help if you need any assistance with the unlocking process. Don't try entering the codes as much as possible, because you might block your

code counter, and the phone will still be locked.

6. If your code doesn't work, don't immediately scream that you will call the police, or sue the company.Please ask for an assistance and help for your


7. Please also remeber to read all the important information that is stated on the website.

- sometimes before making an order the client is ask to check the code counter, or give some additional information for the unlock code like an ID

provider in alcatel phone.

- also from time to time, there are technical problems, that don't allow your code to arrive at the exact time, or send you an incorrect.

(Remeber it is only a machine).

8. Final and very importnat tip for you is to remember that in unlocking companies, there are people working. They have feelings so don't curse them out,

of make threats, it won't help your case, but might resolve in a police intervention.

We hope that you will find this tips most usefull and that you will make better decisions in choosing the correct company for your business.

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