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    Hi all --

    I have OCD, and I find myself compulsively checking my email, checking internet, CONSTANTLY -- to the point where it's hampering my ability to get work done during the day. I'm a writer, and I spend most of my day in coffee shops on my laptop -- and having internet at my fingertips can really throw my day off. Of course, there are cognitive behaviorial therapy ways of dealing with this -- and I'm doing that -- but I need the immediate solution of removing internet from my life during the day but still being reachable.

    Note that even mobile web -- that really crappy internet -- is too much. It will allow me to check email, and email is the bane of my existence.

    I expect to use, max, 10 minutes a month of talk and 20 texts a month. This is not an everyday phone. This is a phone that I can bring with me when I'm on deadline, so I can leave internet and distracting emails behind, but still be reachable by my fiance/family in case of an emergency. My day-to-day phone is an iPhone 4.

    One other option that I'd be open to is a cheap, no contract-phone that allows me to turn off internet and only turn it back on with a password. This way I could set a random password, throw the password away, and never be able to turn internet on.

    Greatly appreciate any help!

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    Re: Desperate for a no-contract phone with ZERO internet access

    You could just get a prepaid phone, call them, and ask to turn off data on your account. Or you could just clear the APN settings on the phone so it can't access data at all.

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